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Project Overview

The Gaspar van Weerbeke edition first emerged from Gerhard Croll’s 1954 dissertation on Gaspar’s motets. Armen Carapetyan accepted the conceived project for his music edition series, Corpus mensurabilis musicae (American Institute of Musicology), though the project soon came to a halt. Some progress was finally made starting in 1990, when Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl, Eric F. Fiedler, and Jaap van Benthem discussed and fixed the editorial guidelines. Lindmayr-Brandl then edited the volume of Gaspar’s motet cycles, which was published in 1998 as part 3 of the “Collected Works”. Since then, progress has been enabled by the support of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF). The three-part project outlined below will result in the completion of the editorial work for all remaining volumes.

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